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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why did Belton ISD redraw attendance boundaries in the spring of 2023?

  • When do the new elementary attendance boundaries go into effect?

  • How can I verify my home’s attendance boundary?

  • Have middle school and high school attendance boundaries changed?

  • Do I need to register my child at their newly zoned campus?

  • When will my child and I be able to tour our new school and meet staff?

  • Where can I find information about my new school?

  • Will any students be eligible to remain at their current campus if they do not wish to attend their newly-zoned school?

  • Who do I contact about transportation services for the new attendance zones?

  • Who do I contact for information about special programs at my new school?

  • If my child is in the gifted & talented program, will they receive those services at my new school?

  • How can I determine what before and after-school programs my new school offers? (i.e., YMCA, the Zone, etc.)

  • Under what conditions may a student remain at their currently zoned school?

  • What happens to siblings once fifth graders move on to middle school? Do they return to their home campus?

  • How do I apply for an intradistrict transfer?

  • If a campus is declared “Closed”, does that mean it will not be an option to request, even for those students who meet the special criteria to transfer there (i.e. returning 5th graders)?

  • Are transfer students eligible for transportation services?

  • What are examples of “extraordinary family considerations” that could qualify students for a transfer exception and allow them to remain at their current school?

  • How common are “extraordinary family considerations” transfers in BISD?

  • Are students expected to attend the middle school they are zoned to, even if they received an exception during elementary school?

  • How will transfer decisions be communicated to families?

Elementary Attendance Boundaries through the end of the 2023-24 School Year (No longer in effect starting August 2024)

elementary boundaries
middle school
High School boundaries