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    South Belton Middle School (SBMS) opened its doors in August 2011. It is led by Principal Kevin Taylor and Assistant Principals Isaac Hernandez and Amanda Necessary. SBMS is one of three middle schools in Belton ISD. It is part of the Belton ISD 1:1 iPad initiative.


    To be a leader in preparing every student to excel in tomorrow's world.

    We make personal connections, take responsibility for our actions, and strive for excellence. We never stop!


    - We believe that each member of the learning community has value and worth and must be held to
       high standards.
    - We believe that our daily words and actions reflect what we really believe about students.
    - We believe that the ultimate goal of any system, procedure, or rule in our school should be to increase learning.
    - We believe that our actions directly affect student success.
    - We believe that it takes everyone to build a positive culture.
    - We believe that acceptable behavior has to be taught and modeled.



    Kevin Taylor - Principal