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    The Belton ISD Department of Curriculum and Instruction provides guidance to the district and campus in the design and implementation of the curriculum consistent with the Board's stated curriculum goals and objectives. The curriculum will include provisions of the state laws and regulations established by the State Board and TEA. The curriculum will be planned and coordinated to provide a common direction of action for all instruction in the District. There will be one core curriculum with equal access for all students regardless of the program or funding source.

    To assure that students leaving the District's schools possess the skills and knowledge to have successful experience in higher education and in the workplace, a model of continuous progress based on vertically aligned learning objectives and indicators of student performance will be used.

    The curriculum will be designed and delivered based on the following premises:

    1. All students are capable of achieving excellence in learning the essentials of formal schooling.

    2. Success influences self-concept, self-concept influences learning and behavior.

    3. The instructional process can be adapted to improve learning.

    4. Schools can maximize the learning conditions for all students through clearly stated indicators of performance, high expectations for students, and continuous, appropriate assessment of student learning.

    5. Successful student learning must be based on providing appropriate educational experiences at the appropriate level of challenge in order to ensure maximum student achievement.
    Dr. Deanna Lovesmith
    Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
    (254) 215-2028
    Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction
    (254) 215-2036