Sponsors: Mrs. Craddick 

    Membership is open to those students who meet the required standards in five areas of evaluation: scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship, and character. Standards for selection are established by the national office of NJHS and have been revised to meet our local chapter needs. Students are selected to be members by a 5-member Faculty Council. The members of the Faculty Council shall remain anonymous per the chapter bylaws.
    Students in the second semester of the sixth grade are eligible for membership.
    · For the scholarship criterion, a student must have earned 93.0 or higher without rounding.
    · Those students who meet this criterion are invited to complete a Student Activity Information Form that provides the Faculty Council with a history of leadership experiences and participation in school or community service.
    · To evaluate a candidate’s character, the Faculty Council uses two forms of input. First, school disciplinary records are reviewed. Second, members of the faculty are solicited for input regarding their professional reflections on a candidate’s service activities, character, citizenship, and leadership. These forms and the Student Activity Information Forms are carefully reviewed by the Faculty Council to determine membership.
    · A majority vote of the Council is necessary for selection. Candidates are notified regarding selection or nonselection according to a predetermined schedule.
    · Following notification, a formal induction ceremony will be held to recognize all the newly selected members. Once inducted, new members are required to maintain the same level of performance (or better) in all five criteria that led to their selection. This obligation includes regular attendance at chapter meetings held monthly during the school year, participation in the chapter service projects(s), as well as four hours of individual community service.
    Students or parents with questions regarding the selection process or membership obligations may contact the chapter adviser.
    NATIONAL JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY CURRENT MEMBERS · Maintain a 93.0 or higher grade average without rounding in core classes.
    · Attend regular attendance at chapter meetings held monthly during the school year.
    · Participate in the chapter service projects(s).
    · Have no disciplinary record.
    Complete four hours of individual community service.