• Fifth Grade
    5th Grade
    Sparta 5th Grade is a committed group of teachers whose main goal is to create lifelong learners. We want to equip students so that they will be able be take on the task of being effective  participants in a changing complex world. As we work toward growing the mind, we also seek to make sure students develop compassion and integrity as well. 
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    5th Grade Homework Grading Policy

    Homework is assigned weekly in most subjects. Once a due date is given, it is the student's responsibility to turn it in on time. If homework is not turned in on the due date, a deduction will be made on the grade as follows:

    1 Day Late: 10 point deduction

    2 Days Late: 20 point deduction

    3 Days or More Late: Will not accept and a grade of zero will be given.

    5th Grade Conduct Grading Policy

    Conduct grades for each 6 weeks will be given as follows:

    90-100: E

    80-89: S

    70-79: N

    69 or below: U

    The email addresses for the 5th Grade are as follows: