Dorothy Veracruz and Danielle Bridges
    Dorothy Veracruz and Melanie Goodart
    Kindergarten Expectations
    As your child enters into his or her educational career the Kindergarten teachers have the following expectations of your child.  These expectations will help your child have a successful year.
    • Know your classroom teacher's behavior expectations and review the rules with your child periodically.
    • Please review with your child appropriate bathroom skills.
    • Volunteer for field trips and classroom activities.
    • Maintain contact with your child's teacher.
    • Check backpacks daily.
    • Return the take home folders and sign and return any paperwork that the school may need.
    • Read with your child.
    • Work with your child on the skills that are being presented each week.
    • Make sure your child is getting ten hours of sleep each night.
    • Ensure that your child is getting to school on time. 
    • Read the newsletter.