At-Home Learning

  • Belton ISD families will be able to choose At-Home Learning for their pre-K through 12th grade students. The selection of this learning environment will require families and students to make a commitment for a full nine-week grading period to allow for continuity in learning.

    At-Home learners will participate in an online learning option that is engaging, rigorous, and aligned with on-campus instruction. Students will participate in learning on a Monday-Friday schedule, following the Belton ISD school calendar. Students will follow a daily schedule which includes time for learning activities completed both individually and together with teachers/classmates using a learning management system.

  • Expectations - Updated 11/19/20

  • Discontinuing At-Home Learning for Individual Students - Updated 1/6/21

  • Teacher Assignments

  • Attendance - Updated 11/19/20

  • Instructional Delivery

  • Meal Service

Curriculum & Sample Schedules

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Campus-Based Counseling Services

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Special Populations

  • Special Education & 504

  • English Learners

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  • Dyslexia Services


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