• Constants Across Learning Environments
    Belton ISD aims to provide exceptional learning experiences for each and every student, regardless of the learning environment. This section includes information about services and experiences students can expect to receive in either At-School Learning or At-Home Learning environments.

    Technology & Connectivity

    All students will be provided with a grade-appropriate device (Chromebook or iPad) to enhance learning. Devices will be used in both At-School and At-Home learning environments. Distribution plans will be communicated by campuses closer to the start of school.

    We know that making sure Belton ISD families have internet access is part of providing an equitable education during the COVID-19 pandemic. To facilitate this, district officials are making plans which may include:

    • Providing internet access from the parking lot of these campuses:
      • North Belton Middle School
      • Lake Belton Middle School
      • South Belton Middle School
      • Belton High School
      • Miller Heights Elementary School
    • Communicating about affordable internet services available through outside vendors.
    • Purchasing additional hotspots and new fiber networks on all campuses.
    • Exploring family internet sponsorship opportunities.

    Learning Management Systems

    Learning management systems bring students, teachers, parents and administrators together through one teaching and learning platform. The benefit of an online learning management system is to streamline all digital tools and content for a more connected learning experience for students.

    The district has identified the platforms below for use during the 2020-2021 school year for both At-School Learning and At-Home Learning. Teachers will provide training to students on how to use these digital tools. For those students who choose At-School Learning, these tools will be used as a digital extension of the classroom and support intermittent remote learning students may face. Resources will also be made available for parents to learn how to support students in navigating learning through these digital tools.

    Grade Level Platform
    Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Seesaw
    3rd, 4th and 5th Google Classroom
    Secondary (6th-12th) Schoology (BHS and LBHS)
    Canvas (BNT@W)


    Quality, caring, certified Belton ISD teachers will be a constant whether your student is learning At-School or At-Home. You can read more details about staffing in the sections below designated for details about At-School Learning and At-Home Learning.


    The aligned Belton ISD curriculum will be the foundation for both At-School and At-Home learning environments. All Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards will be taught. TEKS from the final quarter of 2019-20 have been incorporated into the 2020-2021 curriculum to support student learning for the upcoming school year.

    Grading - Updated 11/19/20

    The district’s grading policies will remain consistent regardless of the student’s learning environment. Students will be assessed on their mastery of the TEKS standards whether At-School or At-Home learners.

    Clarification added 11/19/20:

    • At-School and At-Home learners must earn their grades by actively participating in learning, completing assignments and demonstrating mastery of curriculum. 
    • For secondary students to earn credit in a course, they must receive a grade of at least 70. 
    • Students will only be promoted to the next grade by meeting attendance requirements and demonstrating proficiency in the course or current grade level.
    • Belton ISD will not implement a district-wide pass/fail grading system this year.

    Support for Special Populations

    Students who receive services or accommodations through special education, gifted and talented, 504, or Multilingual services will continue to receive the support and services regardless of the choice of learning environment.

    Counseling Services

    Teachers and counselors will intentionally work to build relationships with their students whether they are At-School or At-Home learners. Counseling services remain available to all students and families.