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Today the Texas Education Agency released the 2018 Accountability Ratings which assign an A-F letter grade to the District based on three domains: student achievement, school progress, and closing the gaps.

The rating information released by TEA does not assign letter grades to campuses but continues the previous rating of “met standard” or “improvement required.” All Belton ISD campuses earned the “met standard” rating, which is the highest rating available.

In response to the District’s new A-F rating, Belton ISD Superintendent Dr. Susan Kincannon issued the following statement:

“When I think of the quality of Belton ISD as one single letter grade, I can think of nothing less than an A. Significant evidence could be collected to support such a rating. For example, Belton High School’s back-to-back National Champion construction trades TeamWorks teams, over 100 Advanced Placement Scholars, continued Superior Financial Accountability achievement, and over 25% of students achieving mastery, the highest level of academic performance, on all STAAR tests taken. Just last week, Belton ISD was ranked in the top 10% of all Texas school districts by, a national research organization who evaluated multiple data points.

TEA’s rating of a B does not accurately reflect the many successes of Belton ISD’s students and teachers or the robust teaching and learning that occurs in our classrooms and diverse programs. It does not consider citizenship or community service, skills that are an important part of our culture. This new system limits its assessment of schools and districts to a very narrow set of measures, consisting primarily of STAAR results.

As a team of highly skilled educators, we will identify our strengths and weaknesses using the new accountability system and strive for the highest rating possible while continuing to understand and communicate that this system does not define or limit us.”