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Belton ISD is introducing a new anti-bullying and safety reporting system called Anonymous Alerts® to empower students, parents and community members to voice concerns to school officials. With the patented Anonymous Alerts® system, the district community can engage in anonymous 2-way communications with school officials about situations such as bullying, weapons, drug/alcohol usage, potential campus threats and more. Once reports are received, school officials can quickly investigate them and take appropriate action.

“One of our top priorities for 2018-2019 is creating supportive campus cultures which prioritize safety, security and inclusive environments. The implementation of Anonymous Alerts supports that critical priority,” said Superintendent Dr. Susan Kincannon. “It is designed to improve safety by empowering students, and others, to speak up and say something if they see something.”

Belton ISD Coordinator of Safety and Security Doug Taylor added, “We are excited to launch the Anonymous Alerts reporting system throughout the district. Having a new, secure anonymous method of communication will enhance our efforts to ensure a safe and secure learning environment in Belton ISD. At the same time, providing our dedicated school officials with an easy-to-use tool to anonymously engage with students and parents will allow more helpful information to be exchanged.”

All district issued devices will now include the Anonymous Alerts® app that students, parents and staff members can download on their personal Apple and Android devices for free. Users can then gain access to the app by typing in a simple activation code provided by the district at Also, students, parents and staff members can send a Web-based report online on Belton ISD’s website by clicking the Anonymous Alerts® web-button. The Web-based reporting form is available in English, Spanish and a dozen other languages.

Report submitters can attach a photo, video or screenshot with their report as a way of providing enhanced information to school officials. In the mobile app, students will be able to view a “helpful links and resources” section in that contains links to informational websites, videos and other content related to subjects such as cyber-bullying, social and emotional learning, self-harm prevention and mental health self-help. The system will be monitored during school days between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.

About Anonymous Alerts

The Anonymous Alerts® award-winning and patented mobile applications platform was developed to encourage students to quickly report bullying, mental health concerns, drug use/dealing, campus safety threats, and more directly to school and college officials, who can take quick action. The mobile apps and systems are completely customizable for each client and include intuitive Incident Management® tools built for any level user. Anonymous Alerts® is Patented (U.S. Patent No. 9,071,579) with additional patents pending.

Anonymous Alerts, LLC is based in White Plains, New York and is rapidly growing throughout the United States and abroad. For more information, please visit or call 914-220-8326.

Elizabeth Cox
November 12, 2018