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Belton ISD Staff Recognized With Big Red Heart Awards

Big red heart

As spring is in bloom, it is a perfect time to recognize the outstanding teachers and staff here at Belton ISD. Recently, administrators and Board of Trustees Vice President Jeff Norwood and Board Secretary Janet Leigh surprised 47 employees with Big Red Heart Awards. Please congratulate the following staff members for showing strong commitment to students, parents and our community:


Marcus Sandifer Lakewood Teacher
Tammi Lloyd NBMS Teacher
Carolyn Wehring NBMS Teacher
Meloney Jefferson High Point Teacher
Steven Kidd High Point Teacher
Quantrel Rose NBMS Custodian
April Maas NBMS Inst. Coach
Erica Garrett LBMS Assistant Principal
Roxanne Howell LBMS Teacher
Jan Tyroch Pirtle Nurse
Rebecca Vaughn Pirtle Principal
Carol Holle Pirtle Teacher
Amber Allen Pirtle Teacher
Elnora Vybrial Pirtle Teacher
Katie Sharp Pirtle Teacher
Sara Simmons Pirtle Teacher
Stephanie Reyna Pirtle Teacher
Melissa Goebel Pirtle Teacher
Juliana Proctor Pirtle Aide
Bryan Owen Pirtle Teacher
Alyssa Lewis Pirtle Teacher
Marsha Sauer    Substitute
Danielle Connor SBMS Teacher
Della Parks SBMS Teacher
Robyn Burney SBMS  Instructional Coach
Penny Chapman SBMS Educational Aide
Peter Giustino BHS Teacher
Pietro Giustino  BHS  Teacher
Akeiah Cipolla  SBMS  Teacher
Jacquelyn Jackson  SBMS  Teacher
Rita Motl BHS  Attendance Clerk 
Jim Deeken  SBMS  Counselor 
Maricruz Gonzales BECS  Teacher
Thais Cordero CT  Teacher
Amy Jo Tyler  CT  Teacher
Jaime Ramos  SBMS  Teacher 
Stacy Holliman  BHS  Counselor 
Alisha Baldinger  SBMS  Teacher
Shirley Grohmann  SBMS  Teacher
Jaime Godsey  SW  Teacher
Megan Villarreal  SW  Teacher 
Mary Lehrer  CT  Counselor 
Amanda Cruz  SBMS  Teacher
Devin Kasa  SW  Teacher
Jaime Ramos  SBMS  Teacher 
Tanya Burks  SBMS  Instructional Para 
Meg Pitrucha  BNTHW Teacher 

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About the Big Red Heart Award:

Big Red Heart Award


The Belton ISD Big Red Heart Award is designed to recognize staff members and/or campuses who demonstrate a high level of service to our students, families, schools, district and community. People with a Big Red Heart demonstrate:

  • Service to others without expecting anything in return.
  • Commitment to students, parents and community. 

Nominations may be submitted by clicking on the heart or by emailing Calvin Itz in the Human Resources Department. Nominations will be reviewed by a committee and employees may be recognized in the community, district, campus, and/or on BISD social media. 

Big Red Heart Nomination Form

Joshua Wucher
April 18, 2019