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Student Artwork Showcased at Big Red Art Show

crowd at Big Red Art show

Student artwork from across the district ranging from paintings, to etchings, and carvings was on display at the annual Belton ISD Fine Arts Department’s Big Red Art Show hosted by the Harris Community Center for one week in April.

Leon Heights fifth-grader Andalynn Bunch was excited to see such a large turnout for a special artist’s reception evening.

“It just amazes me because I enjoy art,” Bunch said while showing off her painting of a fish. “It amazes me too because I want other people to see my art.”

Having art showcased to the community is an essential part of art education, said Belton High School art teacher Marilyn Seals. “We always want them to have a public forum, that’s part of being an artist. It’s just the icing on the cake, as teachers, to see this district-wide.”

Lake Belton Middle School eighth-grader Jon Ledbetter expressed similar enthusiasm about visitors having the opportunity to see artwork from elementary, middle and high school students including pieces from Junior Visual Art Scholastic Event (VASE) winners. “It makes me feel good to see everyone here looking at art,” Ledbetter said.

Jon’s mother, Samantha Slaughter, was beaming with pride seeing her son confidently standing by his artwork. “It makes me feel proud because something he worked on and took time to do is being displayed,” she said. “It’s beautiful and people get to see it”

“It validates their efforts,” Seals said. “It validates them as artists, and a lot of them need this identity. It’s an awesome opportunity.”

In addition to building confidence in their artistic abilities, North Belton Middle School art teacher Misty Simpson said the Big Red Art Show also provides inspiration for students. “We like to see them excited and get ready for what they’re going to do next year because they’re looking at the advanced artwork as motivation for the future.”

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Joshua Wucher
April 29, 2019