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Designed for adult learners: Belton ISD’s new Delta Facility to include living lab and learning spaces for transitional services

It began with a collaborative effort and a shared desire to create a vision of learning for students in Belton ISD’s Delta Program, further supporting their transition to adult independent living and work. Now, nearly two years after voters approved Belton ISD’s 2022 Bond program, that vision is coming to life and will soon provide students with new learning spaces and experiences.


Delta is Belton ISD’s transition program for students who are over the age of 18 and who have completed all state and local credits required for graduation, but who need additional time and transition services to complete their Individual Education Plan goals. According to Sheri Ogden, Belton ISD’s Director of Special Education, the students no longer take high school courses, but instead work on goals related to their individual plans for learning, working, and living after high school. “Some students work on independent daily living skills such as personal care and simple chores, while some students work on employability skills at job sites in the community,” said Ogden.


Currently, the Delta program is housed on the Belton High School campus, but construction of the new facility began this month. “The move to the new facility will enable students to access learning in a facility designed especially for the adult learner. It contains a living lab that is essentially a small apartment where students can practice independent living skills, such as making the bed, washing laundry, and cooking simple meals. It will also have a commercial kitchen where students can practice custodial and restaurant employability skills, and spaces that allow for teaching leisure and other specific skills needed to participate in community work sites,” said Ogden.


Over the last two years and during a series of meetings that included special education department leaders and Delta teachers and administrators, Belton ISD staff collaborated with VLK Architects to share their vision for Delta students, and identify the spaces and resources needed to support that vision. In addition to a commons area and food preparation space, the facility will include a retail store. In January of 2024, the Belton ISD Board of Trustees approved T.F. Harper as its construction partner, and a groundbreaking was held March 7. The district plans to have the facility completed in late 2024.


“Our students and staff are excited to move into a facility that is built to accommodate their own specific learning needs alongside other adult students,” said Ogden.