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Belton ISD Design Team Asked to ‘Dream Big’ at Second Planning Meeting

Members of Belton ISD’s elementary design team were asked to dream big when the group convened on Tuesday at Tarver Elementary for its second of four meetings.

The group of about 40 parents, teachers and staff are tasked with articulating to architects what’s most important to them in the design of the district’s next elementary school prototype. The most recent elementary prototype was completed in 2006, prior to the construction of Tarver.

Members of Huckabee Architects led the team through three exercises to help get their creative juices flowing.

One exercise encouraged the team to consider yesterday, today and tomorrow in possible designs — what to leave behind, what to take with us and what is wanted for our future. 

“This requires reflection and intentionality and will help move you away from the inertia of doing what you did before,” said Mike Boyle, principal architect with Huckabee Architects. 

In another exercise, participants were asked to “like” and “dislike” pictures of different spaces and features of a school. This kicked off discussions of what spaces in a new school might look like.

A final exercise asked the team to make a direct connection between the district’s Journey of a Graduate competencies — adaptability, perseverance, collaboration, empathy, communication and critical thinking — and building elements that can help facilitate that journey.

“I loved talking through the Journey of a Graduate competencies and dreaming big about how spaces could be designed to help facilitate the mastery of those competencies,” said Cary Zepernick, principal of High Point Elementary. “The community identified these competencies collectively, as being most important for students to embody. Now we have a chance to create a learning environment designed for them to do just that

Click here to view photos from this meeting. 

The team’s next meeting will be Aug. 31 at Sparta Elementary.

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Aug. 25, 2021