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Elementary Design Team Wraps Up Work with Architects

Belton ISD’s elementary design team met for a final time on Tuesday to help architects learn what’s most important to parents, teachers and staff in the design of the district’s next elementary campus.

Working with members of Huckabee Architects, the team participated in a collaborative design charrette where they arranged paper cut-outs of spaces to form building solutions. These solutions were then discussed and used to help adjust site layouts.

“These four meetings with our elementary design team have been really productive,” said Michael Morgan, assistant superintendent of operations. “We were able to show the team four different elementary schools in the district and then dream with them about what a future school could look like. We tried to include many perspectives in the process along with an emphasis on teacher and parent voices. Staff from special programs, library services, and fine arts were represented on the team. Our process focused on design concepts as well as what we want students, parents, and staff to feel when they enter the building.”

District leaders hired Huckabee Architects in June to create designs for a potential new school. It was a move to get ahead of projected growth in the district, Morgan said, noting that enrollment projections show three of the district’s elementary schools will exceed capacity in the next three years. The most recent elementary prototype was completed in 2006, prior to the construction of Tarver Elementary. 

The district plans to next seek student input before architects finalize a conceptual design.

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Sept. 8, 2021