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High Point Elementary Students Create Thanksgiving Magic at the Local Grocery Store

In a heartwarming scene at a local grocery store, Dr. Silke Piper’s High Point Elementary students embarked on a unique and inspiring Thanksgiving adventure. Guided by their dedicated teachers and supported by enthusiastic store staff, these exceptional students navigated the aisles with a sense of purpose and joy. With shopping lists in hand, they carefully selected ingredients for their annual Thanksgiving feast, embracing the opportunity to contribute to the holiday preparations for their families.

Dr. Piper started the annual tradition of having the students prepare a Thanksgiving meal for their parents five years ago. The students vote on a menu and work on measurements by guest count, and this year they implemented shopping for and purchasing the items for the meal. The local grocery store became a vibrant classroom filled with Journey of a Graduate learning opportunities.

Students fostered teamwork, communication, and practical life skills by engaging in the hands-on experience of choosing fresh produce, selecting spices, and exploring the various aisles. Dr. Piper asked mathematical questions regarding their shopping lists and used colors and clues to help students navigate their way through the store. The students learned about the different departments in the store and familiarized themselves with aisle numbers.

A sense of accomplishment radiated from each student as they proudly gathered the essentials to create a memorable Thanksgiving dinner, reinforcing the idea that everyone, regardless of abilities, can actively participate in and contribute to the joy of family celebrations.


November 15, 2023