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Joint Message from Belton ISD and Temple PD


At 8:29 a.m. today, we were alerted of a potential threat at Lake Belton High School. It was reported that a student may have been in possession of a weapon on campus. Following our standard security processes, and in an abundance of caution, LBHS went into a “lockdown” signifying locked doors and dimmed lights.  High Point Elementary implemented a "secure" protocol, with students and staff remaining indoors while outside doors were locked.


We're grateful for the prompt action taken by the Temple Police Department and other involved agencies. They successfully identified, located and apprehended the student in question, confirming that no weapon was found and the campus was declared safe. Once the investigation has concluded, criminal and student disciplinary consequences will be applied as appropriate if warranted. 


At 9:05 a.m. Lake Belton High School began transitioning to a “hold” directing individuals to clear the halls and stay in their classrooms, while the police checked every room of LBHS as part of their thorough investigation. High Point Elementary remained in a “secure” status, as advised by law enforcement.


At 10:06 a.m. the “hold” was lifted at LBHS and the “secure” was lifted at High Point. The schools resumed their regular operations.  


We thank our parents and community for their patience and cooperation amidst today’s situation as we worked to deliver timely and accurate updates. 


For additional information, please see the news release below provided by Temple PD. 




Michael Morgan

Assistant Superintendent of Operations

Belton ISD



Temple Police Department investigates a potential weapon at Lake Belton High School


TEMPLE, TX (April 19, 2024) – The Temple Police Department and Belton Independent School District (BISD) came together today to investigate a call about a possible weapon spotted on campus.


On 04/19/24 at 8:29 a.m., officers with the Temple Police Department were dispatched to Lake Belton High School for a possible sighting of a weapon.  The anonymous caller provided a description of the potential suspect. Officers quickly located the suspect, and he was detained.  After a search of the premises, it was determined there was no weapon, no one had been injured, and no shots were fired.  The investigation reveals that the juvenile who was detained was the potential anonymous caller.  Officers continued to do a protective sweep of the entire campus to ensure the safety of those inside. We are aware of a couple of photographs that are circulating on social media being represented as the potential armed suspect. In all of the photos that we have seen, those are Temple Police Officers who responded from a variety of assignments, including investigations division, which is typically a plain clothes assignment.  In one of the photos, it shows a single person armed with a rifle and wearing a police vest.  That was one of our Detectives who responded to the incident.   


Chief Reynolds stated, “We take threats to our student’s safety seriously.  Our agency will work tirelessly to see that anyone who threatens a school campus and our students is criminally charged.  I would like to thank our TPD officers, BISD administration and staff, Morgan’s Point, and the Bell County Sheriff’s Department for their assistance this morning.”


Updated: April 23, 2024