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Shared Success: Cabrera and Ramirez Lead New Tech's Graduating Class

Best friends Anna Cabrera and Luke Ramirez discovered today that they are Belton New Tech @Waskow’s top graduating seniors. Cabrera and Ramirez have attended Joe M. Pirtle Elementary, Lake Belton Middle School, and currently Belton New Tech @Waskow together, and they plan to attend the University of Texas at Austin.

Anna Cabrera, the valedictorian, is the daughter of Theresa and Rey Cabrera. She serves as the Senior Representative for the National Honor Society and intends to pursue a premedical track at the University of Texas at Austin, aspiring to become a doctor in the future.

Cabrera possesses a deep passion for education and strives to absorb as much knowledge as possible. Her aspiration to excel stems from a desire to access greater opportunities for herself. Cabrera expresses gratitude for New Tech's problem-based learning format, as it aligns with her creative nature. Integrating innovation and creativity into the curriculum has enabled her to push her boundaries and expand her horizons.

Cabrera takes great pride in her perseverance and dedication to achieving her goals. She acknowledges her best friend, Luke Ramirez, for consistently boosting her morale during times of self-doubt. Whenever she felt incapable of reaching her full potential or performing at her best, his encouragement motivated her to strive for excellence and become the best version of herself.

Luke Ramirez, the son of Kari Henry and Henry Ramirez, found inspiration in witnessing the individuals on stage during his brother's graduation, prompting him to aspire to similar achievements. Initially, in his freshman year, he didn't envision becoming salutatorian due to intense competition, despite ranking in the top five percent of his class, numerous students vied for the top position.

In his junior year, Ramirez recognized a significant opportunity to achieve his goal and consequently enrolled in a rigorous schedule of advanced placement classes for his senior year. He intends to pursue a major in economics at the University of Texas at Austin, with aspirations to transfer to the McCombs School of Business for investment banking.

Throughout high school, Ramirez dedicated his time to tutoring at Mathnasium, assisting students from kindergarten to calculus levels. The demands of high school influenced Ramirez's aspirations. He believes that diligent effort can lead to achievement, and his academic success has instilled confidence in his ability to excel in any career path he chooses to pursue.

Ramirez's proudest accomplishments include being chosen as the campus salutatorian and the friendships he has cultivated, whose unwavering kindness and support have marked his journey. He attributes his greatest support to his family and Cabrera.



May 16, 2024