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Kids Choose: Elementary Schools to Hold Mascot Elections


mascot election

Elementary Mascot Election Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mascot?

A mascot is an animal or thing that is used to symbolize a team or organization. Tigo the Tiger is the mascot for Belton High School, and the colors are red and white.

What will Lake Belton High School’s mascot be, if not a Tiger?

Lake Belton High School will have a bronco as the mascot.  Their school colors will be red and silver.

Will middle schools have their own mascots too?

When you go to middle school in 6th grade, you will be a tiger or a bronco depending on which middle school you are attending. Belton Middle School and South Belton Middle School will be Tigers, and Lake Belton Middle School and North Belton Middle School will be Broncos.

What is happening at elementary campuses regarding mascots?

Each elementary campus will involve teachers and students in coming up with new mascots to be implemented in the fall of 2020. This will be done in conjunction with this fall’s general election and create a special learning opportunity that engages student voice in the selection process.

What is the timeline of the mascot election process?

Week of October 1-4

  • Elementary homeroom teachers will deliver a lesson in grades K-5 and will lead students through a discussion of school mascots, getting them to brainstorm a new mascot for their school for the fall of 2020, and helping them reach consensus on a recommendation for a mascot candidate to be submitted it to the campus principal by Friday, October 4.

Week of October 7-11

  • Principals will facilitate a diverse group of students, representing all grade levels, to discuss names forwarded by homerooms, and then they will reach consensus on 3 mascots to be voted on for their campus. Principals will then meet before election day, as a committee, to make sure no schools have the same mascots on the ballots.

Monday, October 21

  • Ballots with 3 final mascot candidates will be delivered to campuses. Communication with students, staff and parents will begin.

Week from October 28 – November 4

  • During this week, students will get to campaign for their favorite mascot. This will be their chance to convince friends and classmates who should be the next mascot for their school.

Tuesday, November 5

  • Election Day! Students will get to VOTE for their pick for the new school mascot.

Wednesday, November 6

  • Mascot election results will be announced.

November 2019 – May 2020

  • The district will begin developing artwork and mascot graphics for each campus.

 August 2020

  • New campus mascots will be in place across the district. Funds will be allocated to take care of elementary rebranding projects in the summer of 2020.

What are the rules for nominating a mascot candidate?

Mascots can be animals, objects or things that will represent our schools. Each mascot will have red as a primary color. No elementary campuses can be a Tiger or a Bronco, as they are taken by Belton High School and Lake Belton High School. No copywritten characters such as emojis official mascots such as the Aggies, Longhorns, or Avengers.

What will happen to Tiger graphics and artwork currently at North Belton and Lake Belton middle schools?

By the start of the 2020 school year, re-branding from Tiger to Broncos will be complete on gym floors, as well as the LBMS scorer’s table. In addition to re-branding of facilities, we’ll see new boys and girls athletic clothing including basketball uniforms, football jerseys and pants, sweats, and track uniforms by the fall of 2020.