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Belton ISD Students Advance in Fine Arts Competitions

Over the last month, students representing a trio of Belton ISD's Fine Arts programs have achieved regional and area honors, along with state qualifications.


The Belton High School Jazz Band autitioned at the Region 8 All Region Jazz band on September 24. Congratulations to the following students for moving advancing to Area Auditions:

Jackson Small - Bass Trombone - 1st chair region band
Ethan Autry - Tenor Sax -  2nd chair region band
Jaden Rudloff - 1st chair region band


22 Belton High School Choir students are advancing to Pre-Area competitions after their area All-Region competition on Saturday, September 28. The following students will audition for Pre-Area on November 2 at Midway HS:

Soprano 1-
Sarah Millington- 1st chair
Sasha Bernal- 5th chair
Gracie Krieg- 8th chair

Soprano 2-
Kaity Kempf- 1st chair
Kara Fish- 2nd chair
Heidi Foster- 3rd chair
Julia Lee- 14th chair
Jordan Pilgrim- 15th chair

Alto 1-
Megan Sloane- 4th chair
Rachel Schiller- 5th chair
Madi Kessler- 7th chair
Annalysse Miller- 15th chair

Alto 2-
Ashland Reyes- 2nd chair,

Tenor 2-
Paul Vassar- 7th chair
Ethan Taylor- 14th chair

Bass 1-
Daniel Holcomb- 3rd chair
Nick Wagner- 5th chair
Jackson Reasoner- 6th chair
Jose Cabrera- 7th chair
Sam McCollough- 8th chair
Will Hayes- 13th chair

Bass 2-
Ethan Matous- 2nd chair


On October 6, the Belton High School Orchestra performed at Regionals, placing nine students in the top orchestra, and advancing the following three students to State:

Symphony - Violin:
Jackson Belobrajdic, 5th (recording for all state)
Gwyneth Sachsenmaier, 9th (recording for all state)
Kara Shin, 11th (recording for all state)

Congratulations to all of these talented students and their instructors for such great achievements and outstanding results!