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Teachers Parade Through Local Neighborhood Seeking Student Smiles


After two weeks of not seeing their students - first because of spring break and now because of an extended closure due to COVID-19 - teachers and staff at High Point Elementary hatched a plan:

If the students can’t come to them, they’ll go to the students.

On Monday, more than 25 cars formed a parade through the Windmill Farms subdivision so teachers could honk and wave at students from a safe distance and declare, “We miss you!”

The school closure, said Principal Amy Armstrong, has been difficult all around, for students and teachers.

“It’s the relationship that teachers build with the kids that’s so important to them,” she said. “We’ve changed our perspective on how we’re providing learning, but the one thing missing was seeing their faces. This parade allowed us to see those smiling faces and remember our ‘why’.”

The teachers had planned additional parades this week through the school’s other subdivisions, but Bell County issued a “Stay Home, Stay Safe’ directive Monday afternoon that cancelled those plans.

Armstrong says that during these unprecedented times, she’s certain her team will continue finding unique ways to stay connected to their students.

“They’re why we’re here,” she said. “Even if ‘here’ is from a distance.”