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Local Moms Donate Homemade Masks to Belton ISD Schools

masks donated by local moms

Two moms in Belton are doing their part to help Belton ISD students return to school safely next month. 

On Friday, sisters Jamie and Beth Berens donated about 300 handmade masks to students at Tarver Elementary, Miller Heights Elementary and North Belton Middle School. Masks are required to be worn by students, staff and visitors during the 2020-2021 school year as part of the district’s COVID-19 mitigation strategies.

“This donation is a great example of how everyone in the Big Red Community can find a way to do his or her part to help make an in-person school year possible in the face of COVID-19,” said Hope Orsag, principal at Miller Heights. “Wearing masks is a key strategy for keeping our students, staff and community safe this school year.”

The sisters, who collectively have five kids enrolled at three Belton ISD campuses, are ready for their students to be back in the classroom. 

“We want our kids to go back to school, and that’s not going to happen without masks,” Beth said. “Things are going to happen throughout the day where kids are going to need a replacement mask. We hope these masks help fill that need.”  

Orsag anticipates a variety of reasons students may need an additional mask during the day such as if it gets damaged, lost or dirty or is forgotten at home. Other students may simply not be able to afford one.

“They may have one mask but that may be all they have,” Orsag said. “For us to be able to provide one will be important for their safety and our staff’s safety.”   

The Berens sisters estimate they’ve made 4,000 masks since March that they have either sold or donated.

“It’s fulfilling for us to be able to help people,” said Jamie. “Our masks are made of cotton and are reversible and adjustable so they’ll work well for the kids.”

Orsag, who’s working to prepare her campus for the start of school on Sept. 8, is grateful for the generosity.

“Our kids are really going to benefit from them,” she said.

Hear more about Belton ISD's educational approach to all students and staff wearing masks by watching this "Quick Take" video featuring Deputy Superintendent Dr. Malinda Golden.