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Belton ISD Reminds Parents of COVID-19 Case Notifications Plans Ahead of Sept. 8 Start of School

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Big Red Community,

First-day-of-school excitement is in the air! Our teachers and staff are ready to welcome students in person and virtually on Tuesday, September 8. It’s going to be a great year! Here are a few reminders as the big day draws near.

COVID-19 Case Notifications
This section is especially important to those who will have At-School learners. Please read carefully so you know what to expect about COVID-19 case notifications. Our goal is to be upfront and transparent with families while maintaining privacy for impacted students and staff. 

    1. Screen your student for COVID-19 symptoms each day before arriving at school using the BISD Health Screening Tool. For the safety of the entire Big Red Community, students who are ill or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms must stay home.

    2. Masks or full face shields are required for At-School learners. The mask should cover the mouth and nose. Your school may also encourage your student to bring a water bottle from home each day.

    3. If your student has tested positive for COVID-19, is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or has been exposed to someone who has tested positive, please:
      • Do NOT send your student to school.
      • Call your student’s campus to tell administrators your situation.

    4. If your student’s campus has a student or staff member who tests positive for COVID-19, you will receive an email letting you know.

    5. If your student is identified as being a “close contact” of a student or staff member who has tested positive for COVID-19, you will receive a phone call from your campus letting you know and providing additional instructions. If your student is not identified as being a close contact, you will not receive a phone call.

    6. Next week the district will introduce a COVID-19 dashboard to our Response Plan website. The intent is to provide parents a transparent report on current conditions at the school their student attends. By providing factual data on this dashboard, it is our hope to eliminate confusion of actual cases versus people absent due to quarantine, other illnesses, or any other numerous reasons. 

Read details about Belton ISD’s COVID-19 protocols in the district’s response plan at 

View the Texas Education Agency's Education Rights and Responsibilities During COVID-19 at

Technology Help Desk
During the first week of school, families can reach the Technology Help Desk from 7 a.m.-6 p.m. by calling (254) 215-HELP or emailing When emailing, please include:

      • Student’s first and last name
      • Student’s ID number
      • Student’s school/grade
      • Information about the issue

You may want to bookmark these resources to reference during the year:

The Digital Toolkit includes instructions for logging into ClassLink, the district’s new single sign-on service that students will use to access all their digital learning platforms, resources and textbooks in one location. The toolkit also includes information about the digital learning platforms students will use, including Seesaw, Schoology, Google Classroom and Canvas.

The Status Monitor will provide system-wide information on how different digital learning platforms are performing. This information could troubleshoot why a student is having issues with a particular platform and indicate the issue is with the platform and not the student’s internet or device.

Our fantastic team of teachers and staff is approaching this year with hope and optimism. We hope you are, too. We are grateful for the opportunity to create exceptional learning experiences for each and every student, each and every day. So grab your mask, Big Red Community, and get ready for a great year! See you Tuesday!


Transcription of Video:

Hi, BISD families. Hey, we wanted to give you a quick update on reporting recommendations and expectations as we get ready to go back to school next week. So, we want to talk about reporting. We want to talk about what the expectations are for any of our students who have a positive test result, who are experiencing COVID symptoms or who have had exposure to a positive case. So first and foremost is, regardless of time day or night, we would ask that you call your student’s campus and let us know what is going on. So you can either call and speak to a person if we’re during business hours or you can call and leave a message. I will promise you that you will get a call back, and that call back will include instructions on what steps you need to do next. The expectation for all of our staff and students are simple. We ask that you do not come to work or you do not send your students to school if you have any of the three situations listed before: a positive test result, experiencing COVID symptoms or exposure to a positive case. Now, once we are investigating any of these things on campus, if you're a student or if you’re an employee and you are identified as close contact, you will get a call from BISD and you will get instructions on what to do next. You will also everytime we have a confirmed positive test result on a campus, we will send out notification to all parents and staff from that campus that we’ve had a positive test result. And finally, BISD will have a COVID dashboard that will be updated daily on That includes the total number of active positive cases by campus and the total number of active positive cases district wide, including students and staff. So these are ways we will notify you, these are ways we will keep in contact with you and these are ways that we will give you information on the number of COVID cases we have and what our expectations are if you're experiencing a positive test result, COVID symptoms or exposure to a positive case. We look forward to starting the year off right. We forward to a great school year and we are all going to keep each other safe and healthy by following these rules. Thank you.


Posted 09/04/2020