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Grandmother Makes 600 Masks for Lakewood Elementary

Lakewood mask donations

Lakewood Elementary students, teachers and staff are staying safe, looking snazzy and feeling loved - all thanks to the grandmother of three of their own students.

Sheryll Lamkin, grandmother to Alexis, Annabelle and Allie White, donated more than 600 handmade masks to the campus. The donation included personalized masks for each teacher and staff member with their name embroidered on the mask along with a fun, inspirational message like, “Be kind, be brave, stay strong” or “Bloom here.”

Students were able to file through the cafeteria and choose the mask they wanted.

“It was such a beautiful thing because it was unexpected,” kindergarten teacher Stormy LeBlanc said. “The kids are so proud. We’re using them every day.”

Principal Becky Musil recently presented Lamkin with thank you cards and drawings from the campus community.

“She did this act of love for all our kids. Can you imagine how much time it took?” Musil said. “And she’s using it as a learning opportunity for her grandkids.”

Kindergartener Allie, 5, helped pick fabric. Second-grader Annabelle, 7, helped sew. And fourth-grader Alexis, 9, helped put pipe cleaners into the masks to act as a nose piece.

“It makes me feel very good for helping her make the masks,” Alexis said. “I went to Hobby Lobby to help pick out fabric. We picked out happy colors like pink and yellow. I’m just so grateful that my grandma made all these masks for everybody in my school.”

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October 13, 2020