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Meet Rachel McCoy

Rachel McCoy

Current title/school? Math Instructional Coach/Belton High School

What inspires you to work in Belton ISD? I grew up in Belton and my children attend Belton schools. I am inspired to positively impact my community and give back to the school system that educated me.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself. My husband is former military, and I had the opportunity to live in multiple places. This led to the most amazing journey of living in Germany and spending three years traveling and experiencing Europe.

What was a pivotal moment in your career? Many of the teaching jobs I have had have been at high-risk, low-income schools. I had a student who was 18 and still struggling to pass Algebra 1. He was a very resistant learner, and school was not a motivating factor for him. I held him to high expectations and encouraged him daily. Some days were great, but more often than not I felt like I had no impact on him. This was very frustrating to me because I saw how intelligent he was and how much potential he had. I left the campus before he graduated and always wondered how he was doing. About a month ago, 5 years after I left this campus, I was entering Walmart and the security guard stopped me. It was my former student and he told me how much he appreciated the respect and kindness I showed him and how I had made an impact in his life to become successful. Moments like this are the most pivotal for me.

Academics? Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Tarleton State University and a Master of Mathematics from Texas A&M-Central Texas

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