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'Meet BISD' Campaign Introduces Faces of the District

When you think of Belton ISD, what face comes to mind? It may be hard to think of just one.

“We have so many wonderful people working here in so many capacities,” said Calvin Itz, director of employee relations and professional staffing. “Anyone who’s interacted with Belton ISD employees knows that they are the foundation to our student success. These men and women are what makes Belton ISD such a great place for learning.”

The district employs about 1,000 teachers, staff and administrators. An online campaign launched this month aimed at showcasing them. Each Monday, a new employee profile is added to the district’s website and pushed out on the district’s social media channels. 

“We’re calling it ‘Meet BISD’ because we want to introduce some of our great employees to others in the Big Red Community,” said Elizabeth Cox, executive director of communications and community engagement. “It’s a fun way to learn a little more about them and the ‘why’ behind their career with Belton ISD.”  

Rachel McCoy, a math instructional coach at Belton High School, was the first to be featured in the series.

McCoy described working with a student who was not motivated by school and being unsure of the impact she had on him. Five years later, she was approached by a security guard at Wal-Mart.

“It was my former student,” McCoy said. “He told me how much he appreciated the respect and kindness I showed him and how I had made an impact in his life to become successful. Moments like this are the most pivotal for me.”

Attracting, retaining and supporting a world-class team of employees like McCoy is one of five district-wide goals approved earlier this fall, Itz said. 

“Belton ISD is only as good as its people,” he said. “We’re already known as a ‘destination district’ for students and families. We also want to be that for employees.”

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November 6, 2020