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Meet Mellanie White

Mellanie White

Current title/school? Chemistry Teacher/UIL Academic Coordinator at Lake Belton High School

What inspires you to work in Belton ISD? I am inspired by the students, faculty and parents of Belton ISD. Over the years, I have felt much support from not only the administration but also from my team members and the parents of students. Being able to work with a strong team in a cohesive manner helps me become a better teacher and allows me to go outside my comfort zone. And the students, they always seem to go with my quirky, outside the box ideas and give me honest feedback which allows me to fine-tune the lesson for the next year!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself. I love to cook! In chemistry, we do experiments which is a lot like cooking. The results from the experiment is dependent on the compounds and the proportions used. Cooking is the same way. I love to use recipes as a guide and then modify it to my family’s taste. As you learn to cook, you realize that it is ok to experiment and try new things (of course, that’s not always true in the chemistry lab!) . It’s fine that your dish isn’t perfect the first time! Keep experimenting!

What was a pivotal moment in your career? Several years ago as I was working toward my principal certification, I started teaching AP Chemistry and it was then that I realized that I love being in the classroom with the kids. It doesn’t matter what the level of class it is. For me, in the end, it’s being with the students in class, listening to the conversations they may be having over the content and then seeing that A-HA moment in their eyes when it all finally makes sense! That’s what keeps me in the classroom!

Academics? Bachelor of Science in biological science at Oklahoma State University 

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