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Meet Kari Norman

Current title/school? Instructional Coach at Lake Belton Middle School

What inspires you to work in Belton ISD? Belton ISD has always exhibited a culture of family from my first interview and that feeling has been even more evident over the last two years as we have faced my son Axton's cancer diagnosis. I always knew we had amazing teachers and staff, but seeing the attention and care that both Axton and my daughter Kaleice’s teachers show them has made me more aware how all our teachers care for each and every student. The love and work that is put into each and every lesson for each student is what inspires me to work here. It makes me want to be better and do better. Our teachers truly want what is best for all students and they work tirelessly to provide an exceptional learning environment. The feeling of family make me want to come to work every day even when we are in the midst of some really hard things. I know that I am supported and my kids are supported — and that definitely makes going through the hard stuff much easier! I could not ask for a better place to grow professionally. Who wouldn’t want to work in a place that takes care of your kids and supports you both professionally and personally? 

Tell us a fun fact about yourself. I am a run-a-holic.I became an avid runner when my daughter was 1.5 years old and have developed a habit of running every day at least four miles, but usually more. I love running outside but not in the dark, so I have had to learn to love my treadmill. I usually do work or read while I run on the treadmill. I have been reading on the treadmill for about seven years now and because of this, it makes it very hard for me to read and comprehend if I am not running or moving. (I don’t look like a runner because I also love sugar!)

What was a pivotal moment in your career? There have been quite a few of these moments in my career. There have been a number of students that have impacted me in such a way that I have adjusted how I do things, see things and approach things. There have been leaders that have shown me what kind of leader I want to be in my career. I think one of the biggest moments is the decision to leave my athletic coordinator/coach position to be in the classroom. Little did I know that God was setting the stage for what has been the hardest, yet most rewarding, few years of my life. It is in this decision that I decided to go back to school, found my passion for helping teachers grow in the everchanging world of education and technology, moved to a leadership role, and then heard the worst news of my life. It wasn’t until we were in the middle of Axton’s fight that I realized just how God was working and also gained a perspective of our students that deal with daily trauma and the effect it has on their learning. I can say that these are all separate moments because I feel very deeply that each of these are tied to together and have molded me into the educator I am currently. They are the moments that drive me every day and have reinforced my love for learning.

Academics? Master in Education in educational technology and instructional design from Tarleton State University

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May 24, 2021