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NBMS Students’ Art Work Selected for Temple Mural Project

Artwork created by North Belton Middle School art students will soon help transform a local eyesore into a meaningful community focal point.

The city of Temple announced in July a partnership with McLane Children’s Hospital to create a mural along the main thoroughfare from 31st Street to the hospital. The goal was to provide a distraction for children who may be nervous about an upcoming treatment or check-up. A train theme was decided on — a tribute to the city’s railroad heritage — and a call went out to local kids to submit their designs.

When NBMS art teacher Amy Bramlett and her colleagues heard of the project, they knew it would be a great way to show their students how their art can impact others. The teachers had their students work on the project as a class assignment with the option to submit it for the contest. 

“We’re working each day on the technical aspects of art and helping them learn about art history,” Bramlett said. “But we also like to seize on opportunities for them to see how their art can be shared with others right now, even as middle school students.”

The city received 211 submissions for the 54 designs needed. Among the winning submissions were 19 NBMS students.

Next, local artists will take the winning art and recreate the designs on the concrete wall. The city plans to reveal the completed mural in October.

“We are so thrilled for our students,” Bramlett said. “What an honor for their art to be displayed in such a prominent way and to have the opportunity to make a difference to so many kids and families.”

The NBMS students with artwork selected include: Elizabeth Baxter, Madison Bingham, Mariah Gaines, Sophia Horner, Kyla Jefferson, Christian Johnson, Connor Johnson, Skylar Moreno, Kenna Morrison, Bella Parker, Sarah Pickett, Rebecca Ridley, Faith Ross, Erin Shauer, Addie Sommers, Max Stockdale, Andrew Sutton, Logan Swindoll and Leina Tibbs. 

NBMS’ art teachers are Amy Bramlett, Misty Simpson and Jennifer Zinn.

Sept. 17, 2021