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School Board Members to be Celebrated Across the Big Red Community in January

The Big Red Community is celebrating Belton ISD’s Board of Trustees in January for School Board Recognition Month.

The Board of Trustees is a seven-member team of volunteers who are elected to provide the best possible education for students in the district by making decisions regarding everything from priorities, policies and personnel to expenditures and growth management. 

Superintendent Matt Smith estimates that trustees averaged about 100 volunteer hours last year attending board and committee meetings plus training sessions. They spent an average of 65 additional volunteer hours at events, like graduation and visiting campuses, and meeting with state and local representatives. On top of these time commitments, they also frequently attend athletic and fine arts activities.

“These men and women devote a tremendous amount of time and energy to making sure our students and staff are able to thrive,” Smith said. “I’m amazed at the unity of this Board. Unity doesn’t always mean agreeing on every decision but rather it’s a shared commitment to work together for what’s best for kids. It’s a joy to be able to honor them and their dedication to the Big Red Community this month.”

Trustees include Jeff Norwood, president (Area 1); Ty Taggart, vice president (At-large); Manuel Alcozer, secretary (Area 5); Suzanne M. McDonald (Area 3), Janet Leigh (At-large), Chris Flor (Area 4) and Erin Bass (Area 2).

Norwood, who was first elected in 2016, said serving on the board has been rewarding beyond words. 

“It has been a blessing to work with my fellow board members as well as the great people at Belton ISD to make our school system the very best for each and every student,” he said. “The work will never end because we will always look to be the best.” 

Alcozer was appointed to the board in 2018 and serves to give back.

“Belton ISD did so much for me as a kid,” he said. “The teachers that I had contact with, from elementary all the way up to when I graduated from Belton High School, a lot of those experiences with them helped shape my life. It’s an awesome responsibility to serve because this board is making decisions that impact all the kids in the district. But it’s also incredibly rewarding.”

Several schools will host trustees at their campuses throughout the month to offer thanks and show them how their service is impacting the Big Red Community. The celebrations will culminate in a district-level recognition at the Jan. 24 board meeting.

January 4, 2022