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District Celebrates Longevity of Serving Kids in Big Red Community

As the 2021-2022 school year comes to a close, Belton ISD is celebrating 136 employees who have dedicated 2,065 total years of service to the school district. 

“These are the people who make Belton ISD the destination district that it is,”  said Todd Schiller, assistant superintendent for human resources. “Each day they show up and do work that directly supports kids. We’re grateful for their dedicated service to our kids and this school district in particular.”

District leaders recently surprised each staff member at their workplace with a celebratory pin recognizing either 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 or 35 years of service.

“Getting to celebrate these longevity milestones is so rewarding,” Schiller said. “One of our goals in Belton ISD is to attract, retain and support a world-class team of employees. We are thankful for our loyal staff in achieving these service milestones.”

Staff members recognized for their years of service in Belton ISD include: 

10 Years

Evelia Avila (South Belton Middle); Heidi Baker (Special Education); Robert Batiste (Transportation); Rebecca Bock (Pirtle Elementary); Donna Bownds (Administration); Greta Burke (North Belton Middle); Evelyn Calderon (Maintenance-Lake Belton Middle); Lupe Casillas (Chisholm Trail Elementary); Yasmin Chapman (Belton Middle); Courtney Crossley (North Belton Middle); Kimberley Curry (Transportation); Kelli Dodd (North Belton Middle); Elizabeth Duncan (Sparta Elementary); Kyle Egan (South Belton Middle); Barbara Epperson (South Belton Middle); Sharon Fairley (Tarver Elementary); Michael Ferguson (Belton High); Kenneth Florence (Special Education); Gloria Garcia Ontiveros (Maintenance-Chisholm Trail); Felicitas Gomez (Maintenance-Lakewood); Michael Gomez (Belton High); Timothy Goodridge (Belton High); Shannon Harmsen (Sparta Elementary); Emily Harris (Special Education); Marianita Hebert (North Belton Middle); Robert Hollingsworth (Transportation); Beauford Jackson (School Nutrition-South Belton Middle); Rebecca Love (Southwest Elementary); Amy Martinson (Pirtle Elementary); Daynette Mingst (Miller Heights Elementary); Tiffany Moore (Lakewood Elementary); Heidi Morgan (Miller Heights Elementary); Kelly Morton (Belton Middle); Maria Navejas (Maintenance-Pirtle); Ryan Neece (Lake Belton Middle); Kathryn O’Neill (Lake Belton Middle); Cynthia Payne (Chisholm Trail Elementary); Jordan Petter (Lake Belton High); 

Veronica Pinedo (Belton High); Kelsey Pryor (Chisholm Trail Elementary); Dana Reed (Administration); Brian Riddle (South Belton Middle); Karen Rivera (Belton High); Charles Rodarte (Belton New Tech High);  Tracy Rodarte (Lake Belton Middle); Nicolle Santiago (Belton New Tech High); Astrid Sellers (Southwest Elementary); Whitney Shaw (North Belton Middle);  Mary Tate (Maintenance-Belton High);  Irene Torres (Maintenance-Miller Heights); Patricia Torres (Maintenance-North Belton Middle);  Elnora Vybiral (Tarver Elementary); Mellanie White (Lake Belton High); and Felicia Youngblood (Belton High). 

15 Years

Amy Armstrong (Administration); Juana Avila (School Nutrition-Lake Belton Middle); Virginia Basaldua (Belton Early Childhood School); Amy Bramlett (North Belton Middle); Lance Carpenter (Maintenance-Belton High); Claudia Carrillo (Chisholm Trail Elementary); Holly Clark (Sparta Elementary); Amanda Curylo (Lakewood Elementary); Eric Davis (Lake Belton Middle);  Curtis Dominguez (Lake Belton Middle);  Teresa Donica (Administration); Phoebe Duggan (Lake Belton Middle); Mark Durfee (Belton High); Jennifer Erskine (Tarver Elementary); Mark Fitzwater (Belton High); Erica Garrett (Lake Belton Middle); Emma Gonzalez (Maintenance-Belton High);  Sandra Harmon (Lakewood Elementary); Leonard Harris (Transportation); Jimmy Hellums (Belton High);  Brad Hobbs (Belton High); Kelly Homan (North Belton Middle);  Calvin Itz (Administration); Monika Kalin (Administration); Kylie Lawler (Sparta Elementary); Jeffrey Lewis (Belton Middle); Emily Linder (Administration); Madonna Lopez (Sparta Elementary); Gregory Marx (Lake Belton Middle); Elizabeth McMurtry (Chisholm Trail Elementary); Sylvia Morales (Chisholm Trail Elementary); Michael Morgan (Administration); Rebecca Morgan (Sparta Elementary); Kathy Person (Belton High);  Nanette Popp (High Point Elementary); Colleen Quinn (Sparta Elementary); Angela Reed (Transportation); Allison Schiller (Sparta Elementary); Benjamin Smith (Belton High);  Jacqualin Snow (Administration); Kelli Widmer (Lake Belton High);  Brenda Wilkerson (High Point Elementary).

20 Years

Gina Bielanski (Belton High);   Marcie Caffrey (Belton High);  Megan Crook (Belton New Tech High);  Kristi Drennan (Special Education); Rosalinda Espiricueta (South Belton Middle);  Melissa Fasolino (Belton High);  Marie Guzman (Southwest Elementary); Denise Hynes (Sparta Elementary); Carol Jessee (Miller Heights Elementary); Melissa Keller (Tarver Elementary); Tanya Larson (Belton High);  Cynthia Long (Lake Belton High);  Alice Lopez (Belton Early Childhood School); Angela Mikeska (Lakewood Elementary); Tracie Mooney (Transportation); Rosario Morales (Leon Heights Elementary); Hope Orsag (Miller Heights Elementary); Vicki Pate (Sparta Elementary); Carrie Phipps (School Nutrition-Tarver);  Kelly Rhodes (Sparta Elementary); Carla Richardson (DAEP); April Robinson (Miller Heights Elementary); Crystal Wiley (Belton High); Sherri Williamson (Belton High); and Paul Winkler (Facilities).

25 Years

Shelley Bales (Administration); Keri Dudley (Sparta Elementary); Sherry Embler (Sparta Elementary); Aida Garcia (Maintenance-Southwest); Julie Green (Chisholm Trail Elementary); Lisa Hale (South Belton Middle);  Janie Hines (High Point Elementary); Lori Hobbs (Lake Belton High);  Carol Holle (Pirtle Elementary); Dora Martinez (Administration); Indy Nesby (North Belton Middle); and John Pierce (Lake Belton Middle).

30 Years

Karen Basden (Special Education); and Mark Krueger (Belton High).

35 Years

Lori Curry (High Point Elementary).

May 16, 2022