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Malintha Abeysiri Named 2022 Belton ISD Secondary Teacher of the Year

Belton High School teacher Malintha Abeysiri is known for making his teaching relevant to each of his pre-AP biology and medical microbiology students.

This year, for example, he has a student who plans to study construction management after high school.

“He told me that medical microbiology doesn’t apply to him, which is kind of true, but I told him to focus on the lab work,” Abeysiri said. “So if you’re working in construction, you can’t have a messy place. You have to have clean lines, clean work. So that’s what he focuses on when he does the microbiology work. His workplace is clear, all the straight lines are clean. That gives him the skill he needs to go beyond in his profession.”

The third-year teacher is motivated when he sees students push themselves to achieve goals that they set for themselves.

“Especially when I see ‘aha’ and when they get it and when they understand it,” Abeysiri said. “That’s why I like to combine the theoretical part of learning and the practical part of learning because that combined helps them discover what their potentials are.”

Abeysiri learned last week that he is the 2022 Belton ISD Secondary Teacher of the Year. He was surprised by administrators during his second-period class.

The first person he planned to tell was his mom.

“She’s going to be really, really happy,” Abeysiri said. “This is one of my dad’s dreams. He’s not with us anymore. He just wanted me to be happy and successful.”

Superintendent Matt Smith said he’s grateful for teachers like Abeysiri who are dedicated to creating exceptional experiences for students based on their unique needs and passions.  

“Mr. Abeysiri is a remarkable teacher who is passionate about his subject matter and his students,” Smith said. “He encourages his students to think big and work hard. He literally lives out Belton ISD’s motto of ‘inspiring dreams, empowering futures’ on a daily basis.”  

Abeysiri will continue to the Education Service Center Region 12 Secondary Teacher of the Year competition to be announced later this year.

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May 23, 2022