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What Do You Think Belton ISD Should Name Its Two New Schools?

Belton ISD is seeking suggestions on what to name its two new elementary schools.

Elementary #12 is currently being built in the northern part of the district at 8104 Glade Dr. in Temple. Construction on Elementary #13, located in the southern part of the district in the Hubbard Branch subdivision, will begin in early 2023. Both schools are funded by the 2022 bond voters passed in May.

“This is one of the many exciting parts of opening a new school — deciding what it will be called,” said Michel Morgan, assistant superintendent of operations. “Names have significance and meaning, so it’s important to have names representing the district’s beliefs and values.”

Nominations should be submitted at by Oct. 15. To be considered, a suggestion must not already be used by the district at another school or facility. If suggesting the name of someone who has passed away, the person must have been deceased for at least a year. Any individual, group, or organization name suggested as a possibility should embody exemplary qualities that can serve as a model of excellence.

A committee representing the Big Red Community will review suggestions, narrowing the pool to two or three options for each school. Those recommendations will be brought to the Board of Trustees in November for consideration and approval.

“The community was actively involved in the bond process, and we hope they will continue to engage with Belton ISD as we seek ideas for what to name these two new schools,” Morgan said. “Stakeholder collaboration is an important piece of this process.”

Mascots and school colors will be selected after a name is finalized, Morgan said.

Sept. 22, 2022