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Meet Barry Sharp

Current title/school? Family & Consumer Sciences teacher at Belton High School.

What inspires you to work in Belton ISD? The people. Since the moment I stepped foot on campus, I've felt surrounded by people who want to see me succeed as a new teacher, from my coworkers to campus administration to district administration to the community of Belton itself. The kids challenge me and inspire me to do my best to prepare them for adulthood and my peers help me daily along my journey. Lots of districts and campuses use the term "family," but BHS and BISD breathe life into it on a daily basis. I wish everyone could experience that same joy and happiness of being welcomed, wanted and cared for by their employer that I felt coming to Belton and BHS.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself. 1) I'm retired from the Texas Department of State Health Services where I worked in tobacco prevention for 18 of my 25 years there, and 2) I'm an ordained United Methodist minister (and one of a handful nationally appointed to a public school). 

What was a pivotal moment in your career? I'm not sure I've got there in my educational career, but in my public health career, it was joining a national health disparities/minority health workgroup that really opened my eyes to start seeing the world through the eyes of others. Through this, I became aware that the experiences and opportunities that I got to enjoy simply based on my gender and skin color were not the same experiences that my friends who were female, people of color, or LGBT experienced. That shifted a lot of my personal and professional focus to be much more inclusive as well as deepening my understanding of just who my neighbor is.

Academics? Bachelor of Science from the University of Texas, Master of Science from Southwest Texas State University, and Master of Arts from United Theological Seminary. I also hold a certification as a Master-level Certified Health Education Specialist. 

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Jan. 23, 2023