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District Celebrates Longevity of Serving Kids in Big Red Community

As the 2022-2023 school year comes to a close, Belton ISD is celebrating 116 employees who have dedicated 1,685 total years of service to the school district. 

“These are the people who make Belton ISD the destination district that it is,” Todd Schiller, assistant superintendent for human resources, said. “Each day they show up and do work that directly supports kids. We’re grateful for their dedicated service to our kids and this school district in particular.”

Honorees reaching 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 40 years of service were recognized at a luncheon on Monday at Lake Belton High School. Twenty-three retirees with a combined 471 years of service in Belton ISD were also honored at the luncheon. 

“Getting to celebrate these longevity milestones is so rewarding,” Schiller said. “One of our goals in Belton ISD is to attract, retain and support a world-class team of employees. We are thankful for our loyal staff in achieving these service milestones.”

Staff members recognized for their years of service in Belton ISD include: 

10 Years

Maria Almanza (Maintenance-Miller Heights Elementary); Susan Badgett (Belton High); Lana Bella ( Sparta Elementary); Maricela Bennett (Maintenance-Support Services); Candice Bingham (Miller Heights Elementary); Grant Birdwell (Transportation); Lisa Boccio (Chisholm Trail Elementary); Penny Bolen (School Nutrition-South Belton Middle); Zachary Boren (Administration); Brian Bownds (Belton High); Vyetta Brown (Belton Early Childhood School); Elizabeth Callarman (Miller Heights Elementary); Michelle Ciccariello (Belton New Tech); Kenard Cleghorn (Transportation); Carolyn Coats (Belton High); Danielle Conner (Belton High); San Coronado (Transportation); Constance Cottrell (Sparta Elementary); Hugo Cruz (Belton High); Alysa Curtis (Tarver Elementary); Joseph Curtis (Belton Middle); Adelaida Davila (Maintenance-Sparta Elementary); Yurika Estrada-Gama (Maintenance-Sparta Elementary); Timothy Fenton (Administration); Jennifer Gildon (Miller Heights Elementary); Kelly Goldston (Leon Heights Elementary); Jolene Guillen (Belton High); Jessica Haynes (Transportation); Teresita Herrera (Maintenance-Leon Heights Elementary); Jennifer Hollingsworth (Administration); Brooke Hugo (Sparta Elementary); Robyn Jackson (Charter Oak Elementary); Jamye Jacobs-Franks (Leon Heights/Sparta Elementary); Melinda Kelley (High Point Elementary); Steven Kidd (High Point Elementary); Ava Leach (School Nutrition-Leon Heights Elementary); Julee Manley (Sparta Elementary); Matthew Mastrilli (Belton New Tech); Russell Maybin (Lake Belton Middle); Raquel Mungia (Special Education); Faye Niles (School Nutrition-Belton High); Amanda Nix (Special Education); Kari Norman (Lake Belton Middle); Kevin Posival (Lake Belton Middle); Timothy Potts (Belton New Tech); Christopher Pulley (Belton Middle); Erica Ramos (Administration); Cristin Reyes (North Belton Middle); Katie Rhymes (School Nutrition-Pirtle Elementary); Judy Rice (Lake Belton High); Quantel Rose (Maintenance-North Belton Middle); Donna Shriner (Special Education); Cory Smith (Belton High); Heather Somers (Sparta Elementary); James Stinson (Belton High); Natalie Swindell (Special Education); Daina Taylor (Chisholm Trail Elementary); Larry Wheeler (Facilities); Lena White (Sparta Elementary); Carol Williams (Pirtle Elementary); Marcus Wilson (Belton High).

15 Years

Oscar Berumen (Facilities); Samuel Berumen (Facilities); Lindsay Byrd (Tarver Elementary); Susana Cruz (School Nutrition-Lake Belton Middle); Lindsay Dubberly (Leon Heights Elementary); Anita Eatough (Pirtle Elementary); Tara England (North Belton Middle); Laura Gonzalez (Maintenance-Belton High);  Melanie Goodart (Leon Heights Elementary); Kyler Gressett (School Nutrition-Chisholm Trail Elementary); Felicitas Guzman (Maintenance-Belton Early Childhood School); Kristopher Hobson (Lake Belton Middle); Carmen Hoffman (Lakewood Elementary); Donna Horak (Miller Heights Elementary); Roxanne Howell (Lake Belton Middle); Tiffany Hutchinson (High Point Elementary); Dinah Jones (Leon Heights Elementary); Shelley Kukulski (Lake Belton High); May Lee (Maintenance-Belton High); Lori McGowan (High Point Elementary); Sharon Olier (South Belton Middle); Todd Schiller (Administration); Candace Volz (Chisholm Trail Elementary); Benjamin Winkler (Purchasing); Juli Woodward (Lakewood); London Yepez (Belton Early Childhood School).

20 Years

David Allen (Transportation); Zenaida Arellano (Maintenance-Lakewood Elementary); 

Brenda Boss (Belton High); Anita Butler (School Nutrition-Belton High);  Brooke Holt (Belton Early Childhood School); Deidra Kendall (Sparta Elementary); Nicole LeClair-Sterk ( Lake Belton High); Senaida Lopez (Charter Oak Elementary); Lawrence Lowe (Transportation); Antonio Morales (Southwest Elementary); Sara Pyle (Sparta Elementary); Teresa Reynolds (Pirtle Elementary); Patrick Ridley (Belton High); Joseph Savoldi (Belton High); Carolyn Wehring (North Belton Middle);  Megan West (Sparta Elementary).

25 Years

Dolores Aycock (Transportation); Janet Easley (Pirtle Elementary); Sarah Henager (School Nutrition-Belton High); Debra Johnson (Leon Heights Elementary); Clare Kanouse (Southwest Elementary); Carolyn Poulter (Career & Technical Education); John Warden (Sparta Elementary).

30 Years

Lori McLaughlin (Lakewood Elementary); Donna Moran (Southwest Elementary); Gayla Saxton (High Point Elementary) Vicki Smith (South Belton Middle); Lisa Stanford-Sortor (Administration).

40 Years

Robert Lister-Atmar (Administration).

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April 17, 2023