Who do I contact, or submit a Work Order to, for pest control?

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The IPM Coordinator, Kenneth Wilson, is part of the Grounds Department.  Any pests identified inside of a facility are the responsibility of the IPM Coordinator.  In fact, the IPM Coordinator is ultimately responsible for the management of all pest control district wide.

The Custodial & Grounds Department is fortunate enough to have a licensed applicator on staff.  This enables Grounds to take care of pest control outside of the building (playgrounds, athletic fields, etc.).  This is still done under the auspices of the IPM Coordinator.  If pests are nesting around the perimeter of the building and entering the facility for food, water, etc. it is still the responsibility of the IPM Coordinator.

You will need to get in touch with the Grounds Dept 254-215-2167 for the control of pests inside the building.  We are confident that the Custodial staff is performing their duties well, and the infestation of ants is not due to poor cleaning practices.