What information do I need to include in a Work Order request?

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Please include as much information as possible in the "Description" portion of the work order request.

If a work order, particularly any moving work order, is expected to be completed by a certain date/time, please include the date/time in the “Description” portion of the SchoolDude Work Order request. Provide as much advanced notice as possible. Last minute requests may not be able to be completed within your specified time constraints without sufficient advance notice.

For work order requests that include the delivery/pick-up of chairs & tables for a particular event, please create two separate work orders. One for the delivery of the chairs & tables, and one for the pick-up of the chairs & tables. Please include dates/times in the “Description” portion of the SchoolDude Work Order request.

Please provide as many details as possible in the “Description” portion of any SchoolDude Work Order request. Distinguish between “warehouse” and “surplus.” Warehouse is for storage/shredding items at the Support Services warehouse (documents, books, etc.). Surplus is for furniture that is serviceable and no longer needed and can either be used by another campus/department or be sold.