AirDrop Feature on iPhones

Belton ISD wants to make you aware that unknown individuals are making false threats to schools across the United States using the AirDrop feature on Apple mobile devices. When students receive these anonymous threats, many are copying and pasting the threatening message and sending it to any device that has its AirDrop feature activated and is close enough to receive messages.

BISD is proactively asking parents to ensure that your students’ mobile devices are reviewed and either have the AirDrop feature
turned off or set to receive AirDrop messages only from their contact list.

Should your student receive a threat via an AirDrop message, he/she should report it to the nearest BISD staff member immediately. If the AirDrop feature is set to receive AirDrop messages from “Contacts,” the sender will be identified. If the threat is received after school hours, we ask that
the threat be reported via Anonymous Alerts.

Please note, that due to the disruptive nature of these anonymous threats, BISD will pursue charges of terroristic threat against any individual determined to have made an AirDrop threat or who forwards an AirDrop threat he/she has received.

Be aware that there is not an AirDrop feature on Android devices.

To change the setting for the AirDrop feature on your student’s Apple device, follow these steps.
1) Go to SETTINGS.
2) Scroll down and select GENERAL.

BISD maintains a multi-layered district safety plan and managing who your student receives messages from further ensures student and staff safety. Be assured that we continue to build lines of defense both inside and outside of our school buildings with the continued goal of keeping our schools as safe as possible for students, staff, and families.

Thank you for your support and understanding in this matter and for partnering with us in the safety of our schools.